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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Dedicated To Protecting Rights of Injured Workers In Los Angeles

Why do you need a workers’ compensation attorney and why should it be Turchin Law? Because you can’t afford not to simply because Turchin Law is the best at what it does.

Consider this for a moment. For most areas of law in California, there is no control over attorneys’ fees. In a typical auto accident case, a personal injury lawyer will charge attorneys’ fees anywhere from 33% to as high as 50% of your recovery. California does not impose regulations on these fees. Even the Judge does not get to decide whether a fee is fair or not in almost every area of the law. Workers’ compensation law is different. In 99% of our cases, attorneys’ fees are limited to 15% and all such fees must be approved by a workers’ compensation Judge who reviews every settlement before it is approved. Consequently, if your lawyer can help you to increase the value of your case more than 15%, then hiring a lawyer is the right choice to make. Given that the very purpose of Turchin Law is to maximize the recovery of our clients, we certainly expect that our efforts will increase the value of your case well beyond that 15% fee and our track records proves it time and again.

If you truly believe that you can handle your own case without a lawyer, then why are you exploring this website? If this is not the first website you have clicked on, then you already know that every attorney says they will work hard for you and get you the most money possible. You should understand, however, that just because every attorney has a law degree does not mean that every lawyer is the same. What we hope that you learn from investigating Turchin Law, and certainly after you meet with us, is that we are truly different from most work comp firms.

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